The second Supreme Leader of the North Korea Kim Jong-il was born on 16 February 1941 during his father’s visit in the Soviet Union.

Kim Jong-il was being prepared for the ascension to the power already since the 1970s. However, after Kim Il-sung’s death he struggled to stabilize his power for three years, then he finally became the General Secretary of the Workers‘ Party of Korea and thus the most powerful man in the country. His rise to the power was more difficult also due to the disintegration of the Soviet Union and thus the end of the big support which helped to keep the North Korea at a certain economical level. This fact led to famine and millions of casualties.

The uncertain position made Kim Jong-il violent. He started to eliminate possible opposition and potential competitors. That led also to the creation of more and more working camps and elimination of the inconvenient citizens.

Kim Chong-Il was also known for his fondness for good food, expensive drinks, young girls and worldwide pornography. This way of life led to his recurring health problems. He died on 19 December 2011 from a heart attack.