Czech diplomat and Foreign minister of Czechoslovakia Jan Garrigue Masaryk was born on 14 September 1886 in Prague to Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (future first president of Czechoslovakia) and his American wife Charlotte Garrigue.

Before the First World War he lived in the USA and returned in 1913 and served in the Austro-Hungarian army during the war. After the war he joined diplomatic service and became a temporary ambassador to the USA. In 1925 he became ambassador to Britain.

During the Second World War he resigned from the ambassador function in protest of the occupation. In 1940 he became a Foreign Minister of the Government in exile.

He remained the Foreign Minister even after the war and the communist coup until his death on 10 March 1948. He was found dead in the courtyard of the Foreign Ministry below his bathroom window dressed only in his pyjamas. The cause of his death still has not been resolved.