A major figure of the Cuban revolution Ernesto „Che“ Guevara was born on 14 June 1928 in Rosario, Argentina to a family of an Irish and Basque descent.

While he was travelling throughout South America as a young medical student he witnessed poverty, hunger and diseases which radicalized him. Later in Guatemala he joined a left-wing movement actively supporting the rule of democratically elected president Árbenz. After Árbenz’s deposition Che Guevara fled the country to Mexico where he met Fidel and Raúl Castro and joined their 26th of July Movement. They sailed together on a yacht Granma to Cuba with the aim of overthrowing the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. Che Guevara played major role in the two-year guerrilla war which led to deposing the Batista’s regime.

After the Revolution Che Guevara played a central role in training the militia forces which repulsed the Invasion of the Bay of Pigs resulting in bringing the Soviet nuclear ballistic missiles to Cuba which caused the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. In 1965 Che Guevara left Cuba with the aim of giving rise to another revolutions abroad. First unsuccessful attempt was in Congo and later in Bolivia where he was captured by Bolivian army supported by the CIA and executed on the orders of the Bolivian president.