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Communism and Nuclear Bunker tour

   600 CZK
   500 CZK
   10:30 am
   2:30 pm
2 hours+
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This country has a dark period in its history. The communism was full of paranoia, spying and violence. On this tour You can discover the background and stories from the communist time and experience how would life be in communism cold-war period. Part of the daily life in danger was the fear from a nuclear war. In that case, not everybody would survise, only some. But who, and where?The answer to this question lies beneath the ground. After the start of the cold war in the end of the 1940s and especially in the 1950s fell the communist regime into the permanent paranoia of beiing in threat by a nuclear attack from the west by the capitalist and imperialis enemies. As a result of defensive policies introduces on both sides of the iron curtain it was necessary to prepare for such a nuclear war.

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TICKETS: can be purchased at the starting point directly before the tour or during the opening hours or online here

CHRISTMAS PERIOD: for the days of December 26,30,31 and Jan 1st tickets are available only at the starting point - ticket office



history of communism, spies and lies, communist terror: prisoners, refugees, disidents, cold war stories, the biggest statue of Stalin ever built in the world, the former communist secret police STB headquarters,memorials to the victims,original photo-footage from 1960's

Prague Spring, russian invasion of 1968, death of the student Jan Palach

end of communism, story of the Velvet Revolution, chaos, hope, new future

visit of a real nuclear bunker from 1950’s,16meters-4 floors deep under the city, the biggest one in Prague for up to 5000 people with the nuclear bunker museum with cold war expositions with a gasmask workshop

a copy of the Nuclear Bunker survival Guide (picture booklet)

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